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sign the pledge

To take an oath to abstain from drinking alcohol forever. My father was a monster to me and my brothers until he signed the pledge in the late 90s. I noticed Janet drinking 7-Up all night. She either signed the pledge, or she's pregnant.
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go back on one's word

 and go back on one's promise; go back on one's pledge
to break a promise that one has made. I hate to go back on my word, but I won't pay you $100 afterall. Going back on your promise makes you a liar.
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pledge something

to someone to promise something to someone. I pledged one hundred dollars to Ralph for his cause. We pledged a lot of money to our favorite charity.

take the pledge

Fig. to promise to abstain from drinking alcohol. I'm not ready to take the pledge yet, but I will cut down. My aunt tried to get me to take the pledge.
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sign (or take) the pledge

make a solemn undertaking to abstain from alcohol.
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sign/take the ˈpledge

(old-fashioned) promise never to drink alcohol: He hasn’t been much fun since he took the pledge.In the nineteenth century there were anti-drinking campaigns, when people were encouraged to sign a promise (= a pledge) never to drink alcohol.
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take the pledge

tv. to promise to abstain from alcohol. I’m not ready to take the pledge yet, but I will cut down.
See also: pledge, take
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Individuals are also encouraged to participate in the NYC-Tour-a-Thon by pledging to visit New York City on the American Express website (www.
In his speech at the opening general session, Copland urged ASTA Congress delegates to help rebuild tourism to New York City by pledging to bring visitors here over the next six months.
Steve Morrow, founder and first entry in the race, is pledging and seeking pledges for Rainforest Relief, an organization with many major environmental victories to their credit.
Customers may be able to obtain a mortgage loan for the full value of their home--with no down payment--by pledging a portion of their Fidelity assets to secure the loan from GMAC Mortgage.
The Postal Service, along with its partners, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Office of Federal Environmental Executive, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Steel Recycling Institute, the National Recycling Coalition, and others, is asking postal employees and members of the community to join in supporting America Recycles Day by simply pledging to step up their efforts to recycle and buy recycled.
Nevertheless, the county is pledging to balance its budget on an ongoing basis with no use of reserves in fiscal 1998, Standard & Poor's said.