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John Knightley's, and was destined, if she could please herself, to hold a very honourable station over the mantelpiece.
Don't draw that chair farther off, Miss Eyre; sit down exactly where I placed it--if you please, that is.
It pleases her brother to see us cordial, and that pleases me.
Everyone is obliged to do what pleases me," he said indifferently.
She has formed some desperate project of contesting the possession of her father's fortune with Michael Vanstone; and the stage career which she has gone away to try is nothing more than a means of freeing herself from all home dependence, and of enabling her to run what mad risks she pleases, in perfect security from all home control.
It brushes the Newgate cobwebs away, and pleases the Aged.
I'd do what was right, if I dressed in a gown dyed with cheese-colouring; and I'd rather you'd choose, and let me wear what pleases you.
I do not wish Miss Wylie to do anything except what pleases her best.