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plead the Fifth (Amendment)

1. To refuse to testify against oneself in court, in accordance with the rights guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The alleged kingpin of the east coast drug cartel simply pled the Fifth after every question the prosecution put to him.
2. By extension, to refuse to answer a question or provide information, especially if doing so may incriminate or embarrass oneself. Just plead the Fifth if your mom asks where you've been all night! A: "So, I hear things got pretty messy at the bar last night." B: "Yeah, I'm going to have to plead the Fifth Amendment on that one!"
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plead for someone

to beg for someone to be spared. Tom pleaded for Dave, but it was no use. Dave was found guilty. She pleaded for her husband, but the judge sentenced him to ten years in prison.
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plead for something

to beg for something. I don't want to have to plead for what's already mine. The children were pleading for ice cream, so we got some for them.
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plead guilty to something

to state that one is guilty of a crime before a court of law. Gerald refused to plead guilty to the crime and had to stand trial. Max pleaded guilty to the charge and then fled town.
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plead to something

to enter an admission of guilt to a specific crime. Max pleaded to the lesser charge of larceny. Lefty pleaded to the grand larceny charge.
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plead with someone

to beg something of someone; to make an emotional appeal to someone. Do I have to plead with you to get you to do it? You can plead with me as much as you want. I won't permit you to go.
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take/plead the ˈfifth

(American English) make use of the right to refuse to answer questions in court about a crime, because you may give information which will make it seem that you are guiltyFrom the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution, which guarantees this right.
See also: fifth, plead, take
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Sharon Wootton, 52, of Orchard Park, St Mellons, was fined PS60 and given three penalty points after pleading guilty to speeding.
During the ensuing two months, though depositions have not yet begun, Plaintiffs have obtained evidence proving fraud, conversion and misappropriation of their assets and determined that it was prudent to immediately amend pleadings.
Shiva Kumar, 33, of Wyverne Road Cardiff, was fined pounds 60 and given three penalty points after pleading guilty to speeding in a 30mph area.
Based on its evaluation of the terms of the unsolicited offer by Pathmark described in Fleet's pleading, Big V believes the suggested value is highly inadequate and does not represent the true value of Big V.
Keith Large, 30, of Westonbirt Close, St Mellons, Cardiff, was jailed for four months and banned from driving for three years after pleading guilty to drink-driving in the capital's Willowbrook Drive on August 20.
Perez, who is serving a five-year sentence after pleading guilty to stealing cocaine from an evidence locker, told authorities he and Durden shot Ovando, then handcuffed him and planted a gun on him to frame him.
Lee Robert Ellis, 35, of Grenchard Drive, Llanishen, Cardiff, was given an 18-month conditional discharge after pleading guilty to possessing heroin and cannabis and failing to surrender to custody.
By pleading no contest, under a deal with prosecutors, he will be eligible for parole.
The following cases were heard at Cardiff Magistrates' Court: - Rebecca Shoida, 23, of Caldy Road, Cardiff, received a three-month jail sentence, suspended for two years, after pleading guilty to committing a racially aggravated assault on June 20 last year.
But under cross-examination by Deputy District Attorney Kathy LaSalle, Ferguson conceded that she had reviewed and signed papers pleading guilty to one of the two abuse charges.
THE following cases were heard at Cardiff Magistrates' Court: - Christopher John Martindale, 33, of Bishop Hannon Drive, Fairwater, Cardiff, was fined pounds 30 after pleading guilty to keeping an unlicensed vehicle on a public road.
The early pleading, she added, probably will count in Peterson's favor when he is sentenced Sept.
The following cases were heard before Cardiff Magistrates' Court - Anthony Parle, 43, of Llanidloes Road, Llandaff, Cardiff, was fined pounds 300 with pounds 55 costs and had his licence endorsed with 10 penalty points after pleading guilty to driving without due care and attention, failing to stop and provide details after an accident and failing to report an accident.
Eve Wingfield had served 20 months of a 10-year sentence after pleading guilty to killing the child, but a judge released her after new evidence emerged suggesting it was her boyfriend who caused the fatal injuries to 2-year-old Lance Helms.
Lee Anthony Dancy, 20, of Trowbridge Green, Rumney, Cardiff, was given a 12-month conditional discharge after pleading guilty to two counts of criminal damage.