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So this begs the question as to what is the purpose of offering offenders the opportunity to plead 'guilty' or 'nor guilty' for if pleading 'not guilty' (in parts or in full) there awaits them maybe a much much longer jail sentence?
Ludlow has said he will plead guilty to federal charges in exchange for an agreement to pay fines and not hold any elected or union job.
He is expected to plead guilty to similar federal charges.
Last Thursday, Steven Sugerman, 41, of Los Angeles, who worked for Dowie as head of the firm's public affairs department before Stodder held the position, agreed to plead guilty to three counts of wire fraud for overbilling the DWP.
LANCASTER - An ex-convict accused in a potential death-penalty case of shooting to death an auto shop worker and fatally beating a prostitute swore and yelled at a judge and declared that he wanted to plead guilty.
Suzette Karen Taylor, 50, Haverford Way, Cardiff, plead guilty to assault.
We have faith in God, faith in the court system, and we expected the outcome to go this direction - not necessarily that he would plead guilty, but that he would be found guilty,'' said Ron Steiner, who glared at his son's killer during the hearing.
Ex-UCLA standout pleads not guilty to assault charge