play to

play to someone or something

1. to perform something for someone or a group. The cast played to one of their classmates who was confined to the hospital. Gerald Watson will play to a small gathering of wealthy socialites this Saturday evening.
2. to aim one's performance only toward a particular person, group, or a particular taste. The comedian was playing only to the juveniles in the audience. It was clear that she was playing to the people in the cheaper seats.
See also: play
References in classic literature ?
All which evils, and many more that I say nothing of, would be removed if there were some intelligent and sensible person at the capital to examine all plays before they were acted, not only those produced in the capital itself, but all that were intended to be acted in Spain; without whose approval, seal, and signature, no local magistracy should allow any play to be acted.
Our 'Boot Left' complementing the counter-trey right is termed 'Black'--one simple term defines the entire play to our players.
Therefore, therapists may need to guide the child to problem resolution and consider the possibility of moving from more to less directive play to ease the child into the Axlinian growth process (Carmichael, 1991).
Griffin argues that the combined suppression and evolution of medieval dramatic forms contributed in the English saint play to a kind of historical drama in which "the sense of commemoration takes precedence over the sense of presence (22), analogous to the Protestant conception of the eucharist that supplanted the Catholic conception in Reformation England.
Auburn also sent copies of the play to other mathematicians, including Jean E.
The appeal starts with large and immaculate greens, which play to a comfortable average speed of just over 10 on the stimpmeter.
Heard: Does choosing your actors give you confidence in what the actor says, or in the suggestions that he or she may have in order to help mold and craft the play to its final production?
His play al-Miftah (The Key) is the only Iraqi play to be translated into English; it is included in Modern Arabic Drama: An Anthology, which appeared in 1995.
Children use this type of play to experiment with social roles, and to determine what is acceptable and what is not.
For example, with less than a minute to go before the half with the ball on the offense's end, most offensive coaches will call a draw play to see what happens.
She makes a convincing case for preferring the early quarto version of the play to the folio version for both editing and staging purposes.
In January of 1938 the NAACP called upon Johnson to write a short play to be used in the then-current "fight against lynching," but a request for last-minute revisions in the script prevented its inclusion in a mass anti-lynching demonstration, as originally planned.
In chess and checkers, you can go to a tournament, pay the entry fee, and play to see how good the program is.
If the opponent tries to kick him out on the QB mesh play, he will go under the guard and spill the play to Sam.
I'm old enough to want each play to represent me and itself well.