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Panthers Play for Keeps provides a fine Pru Marlowe Pet Noir mystery revolving around a dogwalker who spots a body-and becomes involved in a real mystery.
Tracks he was a guest on, such as Jessie J's Price Tag and Bruno Mars's Beautiful Girl were reworked to focus on the rapping, but it was songs such as Play For Keeps and Strange Clouds that worked best.
The school runs a Play for Keeps course suitable for children and adults and it is hoped to introduce as many new people as possible to keyboard playing.
Etone School, in Leicester Road, is offering the free introductory music lesson at a special open day on Saturday at Etone's Yamaha Music School, which runs Yamaha's Play for Keeps and new Junior Play for Keeps courses.
While these deals help extend geographic coverage of service, IDT and other secondary players don't have the big money to play for keeps or withstand a battle over the long haul of losses.