play footsie with

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play footsie with someone

1. to get romantically or sexually involved with someone. (Refers literally to secretly pushing or rubbing feet with someone under the table.) Someone said that Ruth is playing footsie with Henry. Henry and Ruth are playing footsie with each other.
2. to get involved in a scheme with someone; to cooperate with someone. The guy who runs the butcher shop was playing footsie with the city meat inspector. Henry was playing footsie with the mayor in order to get the contract.
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play footsie with somebody

  (mainly American)
to be involved with a person or an organization secretly, because you know that other people will not approve The government never forgave him for playing footsie with the terrorists.
See also: footsie, play
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So the plan is out I go and in comes someone who is going to play footsie with them and smile,'' McConkey said.
There can be very few fellas who wouldn't love to play footsie with fabulous tootsie Claudia Schiffer.
And when our elected officials play footsie with the militias, as Ross notes in her article, they need to be held accountable by the media and by the voters.
Countering her allegations, CPM politburo member Sitaram Yechury said: " The Trinamool Congress continues to play footsie with the Maoists, as clearly demonstrated by its chief unwilling to name the Maoists as being responsible for this attack.
You cannot play footsie with a man like Saddam Hussein because he will tear your leg off.
This election is a time for voters choose, not a time for politicians to play footsie with each other.
His dressing-room is besieged by women hoping to play footsie with the jig maestro.