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She'll either play dumb and make out she has no idea what you're talking about or just deny it, but at least she'll know you've cottoned on to what she's up to.
It is easiest and best when your silence and intentional gaps provide enough room for someone to self-correct, but you can play dumb and still talk, as long as you do not add anything to the conversation that redirects attention back to the offending words.
I knew what he was saying but decided to play dumb.
Look, pal, don't play dumb or you'll wind up six feet under a pile of cornus controversa, if you know what I mean.
When we were on outdoor shoots, Kaif would strum the guitar and you have no idea about their talent, both play dumb charades really well.
Whenever she is asked to clean her room, however, Chaser seems to play dumb.
Dammn allows Redford to play dumb, or at least to avoid the endless art-world second-guessing of this most narcissistic or, let's say, self-involved of artists.
The faceless beaks at IJEFA's palatial headquarters in Nyon will play dumb and ignore yet another ticket fiasco involving an English team in one of their tournaments.
And Morrissey likewise expresses skepticism: "If you're a pizza and you play dumb, I'm still going to eat you.
Or should the McCourters just play dumb and simply be happy to have a few extra playing dates this month?
But if we play dumb against Leeds, it will be a high-scoring final and it won't be in our favour.
She said she would play dumb if challenged by a police officer.
His response was to play dumb and simply ignore the teacher's overtures.
She's very far from the victim, which makes it very hard to get directors to think of me as ditsy, but I believe to play dumb you have to be very very smart to make it work.
THERE can't be many beautiful, blonde actresses who actually want to play dumb - but stunning Sarah Michelle Gellar is one of them.