play down

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play down (something)

To make something seem less important or remarkable. The pharmaceutical company tried to play down the harmful side effects of its new medication. We need to play down the presence of microtransactions in the game and focus more on the gameplay itself in our marketing.
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play someone or something down

to lessen the effect or importance of someone or something. John is a famous actor, but the director tried to play him down as just another member of the cast. Her lawyer tried to play down her earlier arrest.
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play down

1. Make little of, minimize the importance of, as in A skillful salesman plays down the drawbacks of the product and emphasizes its good features . [First half of 1900s]
2. play down to. Lower one's standards to meet the demands of someone, as in Some stand-up comics deliberately play down to the vulgar taste of their audiences. [Late 1800s]
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play down

To minimize something or the importance of something: She played down the importance of her own research and credited her colleagues instead. When the reporters asked the mayor about the city's growing debt, she played it down, assuring them that she would not raise taxes.
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Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has attempted to play down a remarkable touchline bust-up on Wednesday night with Everton counterpart David Moyes.
How can you play down the greatest thing around in football?
a few years later, and to play down continuing concepts, such as the pavilion on an inhabited podium that links the 1907 Reihl House with the National Gallery of sixty years later.
While the party's former leader, now vice-president of the EU Commission, dismissed calls for its importance to be played down, Foreign Office officials were desperately trying to play down rumours of a rift between Robin Cook and Gordon Brown.
Governments in the conflict countries often play down the plight of abducted girls, in part to hide their own complicity in the conscription of underage boys and girls.
Amy Geren scored 17 points, including a key three-point play down the stretch, as the Tigers prevailed.
We can't be lazy, and we can't play down to the level of the competition.
As the season went on, Salvador answered her own question with her brilliant play down the stretch, averaging 12 points and nearly seven rebounds a game the rest of the season.
Carolina acquired forward Ray Sheppard from the Panthers for goaltender Kirk McLean as the Hurricanes attempt to improve their power play down the stretch.
But in Tuesday's Azusa Pacific tournament championship, which Azusa Pacific won, he didn't score in double figures, although he scored 26 against Western State that included a critical 3-point play down the stretch.