play cards right

(redirected from play cards well)

play one's cards right

 and play one's cards well
Fig. to work or negotiate correctly and skillfully. If you play your cards right, you can get whatever you want. She didn't play her cards well, and she ended up with something less than what she wanted.
See also: card, play, right

play your cards right

to do the correct things to achieve a desired result If I play my cards right, I could be hired as a consultant on that project.
Etymology: based on the idea of playing (choosing and putting on the table) the right card at the right time in a card game
See also: card, play, right

(if you) play your cards right

something that you say to someone which means that if they behave in the right way, they might succeed at something Play your cards right and you could be managing this place in a year or so.
See also: card, play, right