play cards

play (one's) cards

To use the resources or strategies at one's disposal: played her cards right and got promoted.
See also: card, play
References in classic literature ?
I was glad that, catching sight of the clock at the Army and Navy Stores, he remembered an engagement to play cards at his club, and so left me to cut across St.
Thus two people who cannot afford to play cards for money, sometimes sit down to a quiet game for love.
Somerton, was a fast, sporting young chap, and the other young officers would meet in his rooms of an evening and play cards.
These prison-chaps had done little else than play cards ever since they had been at the Andamans, and they knew each other's game to a point, while the others just played to pass the time and threw their cards down anyhow.
They play cards, exchange stories about personal adventures and chat with each other until the break of dawn.
Reggie Love revealed in a chat that Obama told him he could not 'watch this entire thing' play out so decided to play cards during the tense wait in May 2011.
Perhaps the police did their duty but we should always evaluate situations and see how to proceed," Diakantoni said adding that these women play cards to "keep their mind sharp and have a nice time".
There has also been an added incentive, with pupils paying 10p a go to play cards or dominoes as part of their lunchtime club.
For people thinking of learning to play cards, Rise and Fly is a great book to have.
Fessenden no longer plays golf, but she still goes to the country club every Tuesday to play cards.
When I was an apprentice at Reg Hollinshead's all of the lads used to play cards together whenever we had a spare moment.
Many of our residents like to play cards, but hearing and visual impairments, and varying attention spans, can make this a difficult group activity," Krans says.
We played cards but you can't tell me that the lads of 1966 didn't play cards or that Peter Shilton or Bryan Robson didn't play cards," he said.
The player whose guess card is closest to the total of all players' play cards wins the round and the guess cards.
FORTY-TWO elderly ladies are facing charges of gambling following a police raid over two years ago at a home in Limassol where the women met to play cards.