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AWARDS The actor said "I was doing my Leaving Cert and I wanted to study music really but I couldn't because I have taught myself to play by ear and I can't read it.
Brought up on his father's record collection, he had learned to play by ear and would sit for hours in his bedroom playing along to old 45s of Freddie King, John Mayall and Eric Clapton.
Fiddlers play by ear during this drop-in jam session.
Asked if it would take the outbreak of war to prevent him making the trip, the Masters and US Open champion added, ``That is one of those things we just have to play by ear.
Improved Listening: Through Musical Futures projects, everyone's ability to listen and play by ear has significantly improved, including teachers and students.
This is one of those situations you have to play by ear.
The units also include partial melodies with clear improvisation or composition instructions and suggestions for a well-known melody for students to play by ear.