play both ends

play both ends (against the middle)

Fig. [for one] to scheme in a way that pits two sides against each other (for one's own gain). I told my brother that Mary doesn't like him. Then I told Mary that my brother doesn't like her. They broke up, so now I can have the car this weekend. I succeeded in playing both ends against the middle. If you try to play both ends, you're likely to get in trouble with both sides.
See also: both, end, play
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330, 0 HR, 7 RBI) will play left, but she hurt her leg in the fall and might not be able to play both ends of a doubleheader.
People working on numerical solutions usually have a good idea of the range in which the wanted answer lies, so they can play both ends against the middle.
If we cheat and don't play both ends why should anybody else,'' said Kariya.