play back

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play (something) back

To play something one has recorded, especially to watch or listen carefully or find out how something looks or sounds (rather than to watch or listen recreationally). They played the interview back during the trial so the jury could hear the defendant's reaction to the question. He played back the video footage of the game to see why his opponent kept getting the advantage on him.
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play something back (to someone)

to play a recording to someone. Can you play the speech back to me? Please play back the speech to me, so I can hear how I sound.
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play back

Replay, especially a recorded performance; also, repeat. For example, When we played back the tape of the concert we noticed a lot of missed notes, or He uses the same material again and again, playing back his old speech. [Early 1900s]
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play back

1. To replay something that has been recorded: After recording the interview, the reporter played back the tape to find a quotation for the article. The instructors videotaped the performance and played it back for the class in slow motion.
2. To withdraw or lower the emphasis of something: You should play back the budget questions in your presentation and concentrate on hiring decisions. The coach played the defense back for a while and concentrated on scoring goals.
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The system is a fit and form replacement for tape decks and allows for post flight play back as well as ACMI-like play back on the ground.
Analog Devices' ADV202 video compression chip enables the Doremi Labs DCP-2000 digital cinema server to decode and play back movies.
In a major development, KONA 3 will now provide customers editing and finishing on an Apple Power Mac G5 with the capability to bring in and play back material at 2K.
While satellite television networks have been available to businesses for years, Orkin TV is the first to deliver interactive video on-demand (IVOD) to the classroom, through a system that also allows employees to play back past programming (much like digital video recorders found in many homes) and participate in past broadcast events.
the global consumer electronics manufacturer and leader in portable digital entertainment solutions, showcases two new podcast and videoblog devices aimed at consumers who want not only to play back audio and video content, but create personal feeds as well.
In addition, SIPPS(TM) Connect can record and play back an unlimited number of calls, and users can even connect to SIPPS(TM) from across the Internet to check their voice mail remotely.
This means that if the media player on the PC is able to play back the video format, then it can be played back on the LinkTheater Mini.