play around with

play around with something

to experiment with something We were playing around with various sauces to go with the fish.
See also: around, play
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New Delhi, June 14 ( ANI ): Expressing surprise over the ruling Congress Party unnecessarily dragging Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's name in controversies, the Samajwadi Party (SP) on Friday said it is not healthy in politics to play around with a name.
Neighbourhood Insp Lisa Musgrove said: "In the wrong hands fireworks can be very dangerous and youngsters who play around with them are risking serious injury to themselves and other members of the public.
While the automotive trade press dashed after concept cars and new models, companies were more than content to talk about their more staid offerings, which consumers are far more likely to end up buying after they play around with them at the show.
It's easy and fun to play around with, and it's a snap to create new links and to reorganize information in various forms.
Dodgson, who loved to play around with the conventions of language, chess, and logic, also fiddled with the conventions of representation.
Don't the bishops of Canada and the United States (and perhaps Western Europe also) have anything better to do than play around with semantics?
Her second, much more passionate encounter is with a girl her own age who then begins to play around with the brother.
Its our sincere hope that the Justice Department and the government won't play around with this case, and the grand jury will do what the other jury was not able to do.
That's not something you want to play around with if you're not totally dedicated.
Still, this isn't the time to play around with your diet.
These capabilities will prove crucial to organizations that want to do more than play around with Web services.
There is just so much to play around with,'' he said of the likely purchase price.
You can play around with these little nuggets of information in ``memory building simulation mode,'' where the player attempts to ``link'' all of them together in an effort to build a cohesive library of material.