play ace

play your ace

to do the thing that you know will bring you success The prosecutor played her ace, the results of the DNA tests on samples taken from the victim's clothing.
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It is the hands in between that require real skill to play - how to react if you play ace four, an ace comes out but after betting someone raises.
At least manager Sean O'Driscoll appears to be over the worst of his injury problems and the return of James Coppinger will bring added flair to the midfield, while any side who can boast the likes of midfield duo Ritchie Wellens and Brian Stock will always play ace football.
I've always complained Reynolds (Van Wilder, Just Friends) felt like the poor man's Jim Carrey, but here he stops trying to play Ace Ventura, instead giving us the kind of fallible loser in love we can all relate to.
At trick two play ace and another heart to set up the ruff.
Space Ace, the arcade follow-up to Dragon's Lair from Rick Dyer and former Disney animator Don Bluth, takes you on a intergalactic adventure as you play Ace on his quest to defeat the evil Commander Borf.
This might work but much simpler, and a lot more practical, is to win the diamond in hand and play ace and another heart.
The accident-prone biker will play Ace Face and the Bell Boy in the rock spectacular which premiered in Hyde Park last month.
You have to set up the hearts so you play ace and another heart, ruffing in dummy with the three.
The line chosen by Zolly Nagy of Adelaide, after the king of spades, was to play ace and a small club.
If you play ace and the five towards dummy you should play the king.
There may still not be any developments in the search for a kid to play ace wizard Harry Potter, but the remaining cast members for the planned film are queuing up for a chance to get involved.
If North shows out play ace and another club to bring about the same position as above.
Best is to play ace and king of diamonds and a third diamond discarding both hearts.
Win the diamond and play ace and another heart, ruffing in hand.
You could play to draw trumps and play ace and another heart, hoping to set up a heart trick for your diamond discard.