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plaster one's hair down

Fig. to use water, oil, or cream to dress the hair for combing. (The result looks plastered to the head.) Tony used some strange substance to plaster his hair down. He plastered down his hair with something that smells good.
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plaster over something

to cover over something with plaster. I think that we will just plaster over the cracks in the wall.
See also: over, plaster

plaster something onto something

 and plaster something on
to spread a substance onto something. She plastered great globs of the jam onto the toast. She plastered on lots of butter.
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plaster something up

to close something up with plaster; to cover over holes or cracks in a wall with plaster. He plastered the cracks up and then painted over them. You have to plaster up the cracks.
See also: plaster, up

plaster something with something

to spread some substance onto something. Jane plastered each slice of bread with butter and then heaped on a glob of jam. She plastered the wall with a thin coat of fine white plaster.
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com are already underway and new user awareness guides from expert Wall Plastering Contractors are already being added on how best to beautify your home with any budget, guides on maintenance and repair, to what everybody should know about the latest Wall Plastering and Drywall Repair materials and designs before starting any property improvement project.
Principal Dafydd Evans said: "We are delighted to be celebrating the success, once again of the plastering department at Coleg Menai.
Kevin said: "I have been studying my plastering course at the college's new Swanswell Centre and I love it.
All too often, DIY plastering is something to disguise as best you can.
This is all great news for the US and Canada's decorative plastering professionals, as Stucco Italiano is quite simply some of the finest traditional Italian lime plaster brand manufactured in the world.
A NORTH Wales college has received a national award for its plastering course.
A The pink plaster is almost certainly the soft plaster topcoat - ideally the whole wall needs to be skimmed in this, though you should get an expert in unless you're very confident at plastering.
The difficulty of readily seeing plasterers' contributions to today's construction projects is that the face of plastering has changed so dramatically.
But for many, the thought ofDIY plastering is an off-putting one,best pushed to the backs of their minds.
Like many other natural builders, we learned it's not necessary to use chicken wire over strawbales before plastering.
Plastering allows for gentle rounding ofcorners, which softens the mass of the shelves and cabinets.
E[acute accent]Another top-dollar recipient was Kennington Plastering, a lath and plaster contractor with 125 workers on staff.
using plaster repair MOST DIYers shouldn't attempt plastering but they can patch plaster, even over large areas.
UNLESS you're a very advanced DIYer, plastering is a job best left for the professionals because getting a flawless finish takes lots of skill and experience.