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plaster one's hair down

Fig. to use water, oil, or cream to dress the hair for combing. (The result looks plastered to the head.) Tony used some strange substance to plaster his hair down. He plastered down his hair with something that smells good.
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plaster over something

to cover over something with plaster. I think that we will just plaster over the cracks in the wall.
See also: over, plaster

plaster something onto something

 and plaster something on
to spread a substance onto something. She plastered great globs of the jam onto the toast. She plastered on lots of butter.
See also: plaster

plaster something up

to close something up with plaster; to cover over holes or cracks in a wall with plaster. He plastered the cracks up and then painted over them. You have to plaster up the cracks.
See also: plaster, up

plaster something with something

to spread some substance onto something. Jane plastered each slice of bread with butter and then heaped on a glob of jam. She plastered the wall with a thin coat of fine white plaster.
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When I checked recently, there were 1,500 vacancies nationally for plasterers, 300 of which were in the North East, so there is a lot of work out there.
RDC Media has also signed up the Pink Plasterer for a home improvement team on a C4 programme focusing on makeovers on a budget of pounds 3,000.
Plasterers, chippies, bricklayers and decorators log on to a website and bid for the contract.
2) Kathy and Phil Plasterer are two of the original residents of the Old Orchard I residential development in Valencia.
Has anyone tried to get hold of a plasterer, plumber, electrician, bricklayer or any other skilled craftsman recently
It is a testament to Mediasite Live's unmatched capabilities that WisDOT trusts it to record and Webcast an event of this magnitude where there will be no rehearsals and no second chances to get it right," said Joe Plasterer, director of government solutions for Sonic Foundry.
A TEENAGE girl refused to throw in the trowel in her bid to become a plasterer - despite knock backs from employers.
A TRAINEE plasterer hopes to leave fellow competitors in the dust when he takes part in a national skills competition.
A better option is to get a plasterer to skim over it - but some plasterers do tend to be messy, so be prepared
Plasterer Jamie Denyer, of Gorseinon, Swansea, isn't just changing rooms though, he's also changing lives.
Family have described the plasterer as a "big, soft guy" and the grief was etched on the faces of the mourners at the church.
At Jedburgh Sheriff Court yesterday, plasterer Mackenzie, 25, admitted putting the lives of the two cops and himself in danger.
AN unemployed plasterer urinated on the French loaves section of a large supermarket in protest at the infamous handball incident in the France v Ireland World Cup qualifier.
A PLASTERER who put on a suit to steal an Aston Martin and sell it minutes later to a car dealer was yesterday jailed for four years.