plant in

plant something in something

1. Lit. to set out a plant in something; to sow seeds in something. Are you going to plant tomatoes in these pots? What have you planted in the garden?
2. Fig. to put an idea in someone's brain, head, or thinking. Who planted that silly idea in your head? I want to plant this concept in her thinking.
3. Fig. Inf. to conceal something in something. The crook planted the money in the back of the refrigerator. What did the cops plant in your pockets?
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The minister visited the 2x330MW power plants and witnessed the progress of coal mine excavation work and inaugurated a safe drinking water plant in Seengario village.
The eight MOX fuel units were on their way to the Grohnde nuclear power plant in Lower Saxony.
The three production units of the Tunisian Chemical Group (GCT) plant in Mdhilla (Governorate of Gafsa) suspended their activities on Monday.
The official added that the reserves of the plant in sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid for the production of Triple Super Phosphate (TSP) exceeded the storage capacity, which required a stoppage of work in these two production units.
GAFSA (TA) - Construction works of the Mdhilla-2 plant in Gafsa, specialising in the production of chemical fertilisers, will resume shortly, Regional Director of the Tunisian Chemical Group (GCT) told TAP correspondent.
5-meter high barbed-wire fence around the premises of the Tomari nuclear power plant in Tomari, Hokkaido, at around 4 a.
District Court in Chattanooga, Tyson Foods made a regular practice of hiring illegal aliens for several plants, including a fresh chicken processing plant in Shelbyville.
For initial screening of the Kaybonnet M2 population, single M3 seeds were sampled from panicles representing each plant in the M2 row.
Operation Vanguard got its first workout this past December when the INS subpoenaed the personnel records of every employee of every meatpacking plant in its target area-a total of about 40,000 workers.
As Foster Wheeler was involved in the execution of a similar EO/MEG plant in our joint venture complex in China, we believe that we will be able to benefit from the expertise and lessons learned for the Singapore project.
Considerable time also will be devoted to renovating existing buildings and upgrading the central utilities plant in addition to providing new outdoor landscaping and entrances.
ABB has bagged a lucrative service contract from Shell covering a platform and onshore plant in Norway.
The Company has a petrochemical plant in Texas City, Texas; an acrylic fibers plant near Pensacola, Fla.
In Trinidad, there is a 1,300 tpd air separation plant under construction which will supply a methanol plant in Point Lisa.