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We rolled the plane down to the water's edge, and Billings mounted the pilot's seat.
Firefighters were called to the aircraft and began their inspection following which the crew members asked passengers to collect their carry-on items and exit the plane down a set of rear stairs, he said.
He tried to turn as quickly as he could and just brought the plane down to the ground.
A voice said that you know 'If you don't stopI will bring this plane down now' Duterte was quoted in the media as saying on Thursday.
It is expected they will name the exact type of missile that brought the plane down and from where it was fired.
PASSENGERS escaped from an American Airlines plane down an emergency slide at Heathrow Airport following a "technical issue".
A second flight recorder has been retrieved from the crashed EgyptAir flight MS804, containing data from aircraft systems which could shed light on what brought the plane down last month, Egyptian investigators said on Friday.
THE pilot of a light aircraft forced to make an emergency landing in a field near Rugby on Friday evening has been praised for bringing his plane down safely.
But since Turkey shot the plane down, Moscow has introduced economic sanctions including a ban on Turkish foods and other products worth as much as $1b.
The plane landed in Iran when ordered to do so, as required under internationa law, and there was no legal right to shoot the plane down as long as it followed that order to land.
Turkey shot that plane down, and the pilot was killed.
Islamic State (IS) has claimed responsibility for bringing the plane down.
Despite the unconfirmed statement by "Sinai State" claiming that they shot the plane down, military experts rule the idea out.
All 150 people on board Germanwings flight 4U9525 died after 27-year-old first officer Andreas Lubitz locked the cockpit door, took control of the Airbus A320 and took the plane down from its cruising altitude at 3,000 feet per minute.
Dutch authorities are charged with establishing exactly what brought the plane down and are reconstructing part of the aircraft as part of their probe.