plane down

plane something down

to smooth something down with a plane; to remove some material from something with a plane. I will have to plane the door down before I hang it again. I planed down the edge of the door for you.
See also: down, plane
References in classic literature ?
We rolled the plane down to the water's edge, and Billings mounted the pilot's seat.
Kiev placed the blame on the independence supporters in eastern Ukraine for shooting the plane down, but the latter insisted they did not have the means to shoot down an aircraft flying at 32,000 feet.
The pilot managed to keep the front of the aircraft off the ground while bringing the plane down.
We sent a plane down already, and we're sending another one down Monday, and I'm flying.
Yesterday Mr O'Neill was flown back to the RAF base to meet Wing Commander Paul Gerrard, who flew alongside the Cessna in a Tucano T1 turboprop and helped guide the plane down by giving instructions over the radio.
But bitching because the pilot thought it was more important to get the plane down safely rather than bother with reassuring messages first is daft.
A park spokesman said: "It was reckless to think of bringing the plane down in the park and to do so he needs to get proper approval and go through a risk assessment.
He managed to put the plane down so that no one else was hurt," he said.
the 45-year-old pilot brought his blue-and-white plane down on a dirt access road behind Rio Norte Junior High School.
Unable to land at either their first or second choice of airport, the crew finally got the plane down in winds and rain at Bournemouth, only for the aircraft to go into a series of bounces on the runway.
The 58-year-old Commissioner brought the plane down with the assistance of the emergency services, who talked him down from the tower as fire engines and ambulances stood by.
He has consistently denied his country had anything to do with taking the plane down but that is increasingly difficult to believe.
Chesley Sullenberger III managed to bring the plane down on the icy waters without the aircraft breaking up, in a manoeuvre that saved the lives of 155 passengers and crew.
Those receiving the medal include Captain Peter Burkill and his co-pilot John Coward, who managed to get the plane down and ensure that all 136 passengers survived after the aircraft mechanisms failed to give the engines extra thrust.
He brought the plane down on the 17th fairway of Elmwood Golf Course, on the outskirts of Cupar, Fife, stopping only metres from a wooded area and a wall.