plane away

plane something away

to smooth off bumps or irregularities with a plane. Please plane the bumps away so that the board is perfectly smooth. Sam planed away the bumps.
See also: away, plane
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He's actually 13/14 hours in a plane away from his wife.
Putting the plane away in its hangar, I felt more fatigued than I should have been after two relatively short and easy hops, effects of the turbulence notwithstanding.
One of the busiest departures of the week is the flight to Dhaka in Bangladesh, and customer service agents Carrie-Anne and Selina bravely step up to the plate in order to get the passengers boarded and the plane away on time.
He said the crash caused no physical damage on the crash site as the pilot judiciously swept the plane away from the populated area.
uk A PILOT steered his plane away from Huddersfield golfers before crashing.
Karen Miles-Holdaway, 48, said: "The pilot took the plane away from the houses.
He appears to be turning away slightly and was probably fighting to steer the plane away from the crowds.
The paper quoted one of the passengers on the Airbus 340 plane, due to make a flight from the Nigerian city to Istanbul, as saying only a quick decision by officials to hurriedly tow the plane away from the burning truck saved it from being incinerated.
told Fox News that the rebels had used chainsaws to dismantle the nose cone and front sections of the Boeing 777 and had carted some pieces of the plane away.
Duterte told reporters she wanted to find out when the managements of airport and Cebu Pacific would actually tow the plane away as it has been causing flight cancellations since Sunday.
I only live one hour by plane away from here, so this is the closest thing to a home race for me.
When he did get the plane away from the houses and tried to bail out, he was too low for his parachute to open.
Jon, 33, a former Southam College pupil, was hailed a hero after he steered the plane away from a village as his aircraft appeared to malfunction.
It said air traffic control kept advising the pilot to steer the plane away from a fierce storm that night but he failed to follow instructions.
The team will go back into training on Tuesday without their ninth aircraft, shattered when Flt Lt Egging steered his stricken plane away from houses and crashed in a field.