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plane something away

to smooth off bumps or irregularities with a plane. Please plane the bumps away so that the board is perfectly smooth. Sam planed away the bumps.
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plane something down

to smooth something down with a plane; to remove some material from something with a plane. I will have to plane the door down before I hang it again. I planed down the edge of the door for you.
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plane something off

to remove bumps, nicks, or scrapes by planing. Plane the rough places off so the surface will be as smooth as possible. Sam planed off the bumps.
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The plane left Tehran's Mehrabad international airport at 8:00 local time to the city of Yasouj, he added.
The final destination of the plane was Yangon, but went missing whenit lost contact with air traffic controllers about 20 miles west of Dawei above the Andaman Sea.
This plane was technically sound and was checked in October," he said, adding the captain had flown more than 12,000 hours and the aircraft was nine years old.
Later, Fars said the plane had requested overflight permission and given a military code.
Indonesia military head Djoko Suyanto said yesterday that the plane was flying at 35,000 ft.
Geometry teachers usually try to explain the hyperbolic plane via flat models that wildly distort its geometry--making lines look like semicircles, for instance.
The movie takes 20 minutes to get the plane in the air.
A block plane is the smallest, simplest plane, used for light work, smoothing the end grain of boards and shaping small pieces of wood.
Magic Plane is uniquely designed as a MODULAR SYSTEM that can be easily configured as a: Paint Scraper, a small 10mm Plane (that can even plane around curved areas
His In Plane Site web page disingenuously presents a smoke-obscured photo which supposedly verifies this point, claiming: "Upon examining these photographs, one can clearly see a hole, which is only 16 feet in diameter.
The Answer: Your saying--may Allah lengthen your life--that a plane does not have any dimension but length and width, is not sound.
Over 600 muscles comprise this prodigious network, many of which are compartmentalized into three distinct anatomical planes (check the illustration):
Even on routes well served by the major carriers, the frequent delays at commercial airports and the chance of a security breach, however small, make the option of owning a corporate plane, or a fleet of them, all the more attractive.
My team spent hours folding and re-folding a piece of paper, trying to design the traditional type of plane that most of us played with in grade school.