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place (someone)

To recognize and remember who someone is. They showed me a picture of a suspect and asked if I knew who it was, but I couldn't place her. A: "Do you remember my friend Tom?" B: "I know the name, but I can't place him."
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place someone

to recall someone's name; to recall the details about a person that would help you identify the person. I am sorry, I can't seem to place you. Could you tell me your name again? I can't place her. Did I meet her once before?
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Coral also said that they are seeking a replacement for the Placer, whilst confirming that they are no longer accepting them.
Teorias sobre la naturaleza del placer se atribuyen, en el siglo V a.
The Indian River Placer Project is an advanced-stage exploration property entering early development with test mining, preliminary business planning for a production decision, and preparation of permit applications for expanded operations in progress.
In 1997 Crystallex bought Mael and promptly announced that it owned the rights to Las Cristinas, even though at that time Placer was developing the mine in conjunction with its partner, state-owned Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana, through their jointly-owned subsidiary Mineria Las Cristinas.
Also the dividend for this placer was not declared in the usual four, five or six minutes after the sixth race, but was not made public for approx three quarters of an hour later
2) Kyle Padilla takes in a tree during a docent-led walk at the Placer Nature Center, northeast of Sacramento.
Several other areas on the property were also identified which appear to have placer mining potential, and will be tested with further drilling as part of this program.
Two samples of virgin gravel and bedrock yielded coarse particles of lustrous placer gold with ore grades of 0.
What Placer brings to the table is its open-pit Dome mine and a modem processing mill worth about $100 million (US), capable of processing 13,000 tonnes of ore a day.
Reynolds, prior to filing his placer claim, had twice leased patented and unpatented lode claims on different occasions from Bixby but later defaulted both times.
Flinn, Vice President, Operations for Klondike Star Mineral Corporation (OTCBB:KDSM) is pleased to announce that Klondike Star Mineral Corporation has acquired a strategic block of placer gold mining claims in the heart of the Indian River Placer Project.
At the end of 1989 Placer Dome and American Reserve Mining Corp.
Flinn, Vice-President, Operations is pleased to announce that Klondike Star Mineral Corporation (OTCBB:KDSM) is moving ahead with test mining and business planning on its placer gold property on the Indian River, located 40 kilometers from Dawson City in the heart of the Klondike gold producing region of the Yukon, Canada.
At present the largest gold exploration activities are being carried out by Placer Dome Inc.
Flinn, Vice President, Operations for Klondike Star Mineral Corporation (OTCBB:KDSM) is pleased to report on progress at the Indian River placer gold drilling program.