place down

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place something down (on something)

to put something down on something. Place the book down on the top of the table. Please place down the book on the table.
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Last year, the festival took place down the block, in a former deli--hence the name.
Destruction of the interior by fire in 1933 allowed the Nazis (who are supposed to have initiated the arson, though blamed it on the poor loony Dutch anarchist van der Lubbe) to close the whole place down - and with it democracy.
And then, of course, when the inevitable limousines started pulling up outside, it was over: The police closed the place down sometime in 1974.
For example, in Newark, New Jersey, a notice was taped to the door of a group home which had not yet opened that said, "If you open this home in this neighborhood, we're going to burn this place down.
Unless they are willing to recognize things are fundamentally wrong in their system, there will be a much harder landing some place down the road.
For those readers too young to understand the significance of that statement, the Liverpool Institute for Boys was a wonderful school which served talented, working-class boys in the city for 150 years (giving birth to the Beatles on its way) before Hatton and his crew closed the place down in the eighties.
We were told that there was a direct threat to our safety and we had to shut the place down.
I was with some friends at Huntingdon last Boxing Day and people must have thought us crazy as we cheered the place down watching him win the Christmas Hurdle at Kempton.
The circus is a death-trap, but luckily the inspector is more interested in chatting Lizzie up than closing the place down.
But the thing that is to Hyypia's greatest credit is that he has acquired this status without shouting and screaming the place down.
She said: "Some nights I've just wanted to scream the place down.
Melbourne, February 23 (ANI): Madonna's fans in Australia may have to face disappointment with reports suggesting that the finale of her world tour may not take place Down Under.
I particularly remember standing watching TV reports of dreadful flooding in August while she howled the place down.
The pint-sized popstar has invited Robbie Williams to pull a cracker with her over Christmas dinner at her place Down Under.
The cameras were in the Glencarn Hotel later the same night to capture the atmosphere as a capacity crowd danced the night away to Big Tom and the Mainliners and when his hit single Goin' Out the Same You Came In nearly brought the place down.