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drown in self-pity

To be entirely consumed by sorrow, self-deprecation, or other negative emotions to the point of self-indulgence and/or paralysis. It's hard to help someone who would rather drown in self-pity than find a solution to their problems.
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for pity's sake

A mild oath of surprise, exasperation, annoyance, frustration, or anger. For pity's sake! I haven't seen you in years! Would you let me finish my story, for pity's sake? Oh for pity's sake, I just had the car fixed and now you've put a dent in it!
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For Pete's sake!

 and For pity's sake!; For the love of Mike!; For goodness sake!; For gosh sake!; For heaven('s) sake!
a mild exclamation of surprise or shock. For Pete's sake! How've ya been? For pity's sake! Ask the man in out of the cold!

have pity on someone (or an animal)

to have compassion toward someone or an animal. Please! Have pity on us. Let us come in!
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more's the pity

Fig. it is a great pity or shame; it is sad. (Sometimes with the.) Jack can't come, more's the pity. Jane had to leave early, more's the pity.
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take pity (on someone or an animal)

to feel sorry for someone or an animal. We took pity on the hungry people and gave them some hot food. She took pity on the little dog and brought it in to get warm.
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What a pity!

 and What a shame!
Fig. an expression of consolation meaning That's too bad. (Can also be used sarcastically.) Bill: I'm sorry to tell you that the cat died today. Mary: What a pity! Mary: The cake is ruined! Sally: What a shame!

for Pete's sake

I am annoyed or surprised by this for goodness' sake She has a huge salary and gets a bonus, too - how much money does she need, for Pete's sake?
Usage notes: used for emphasis and often used instead of the more offensive idioms for God's sake and for Christ's sake
Related vocabulary: for crying out loud
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have pity on somebody

to do something out of sympathy that will help someone An old man begged the soldiers to have pity on him and let him go.
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take pity on somebody

to do something because you feel sympathy for someone She stood there shivering until Claudia took pity on her and put her sweater around the child's shoulders.
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for Pete's sake

Also, for pity's sake. See for the sake of, def. 3.
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for the sake of

1. Also for one's sake. Out of consideration or regard for a person or thing; for someone's or something's advantage or good. For example, For Jill's sake we did not serve meat, or We have to stop fighting for the sake of family unity. [Early 1200s]
2. For the purpose or motive of, as in You like to quarrel only for the sake of an argument. [Early 1200s]
3. for God's sake. Also for goodness or heaven's or Pete's or pity's sake . An exclamation showing surprise, impatience, anger, or some other emotion, depending on the context. For example, For God's sake, I didn't expect to see you here, or Hurry up, for goodness sake, or For heaven's sake, how can you say such a mean thing? or For pity's sake, finish your dinner. The variants are euphemisms for God. [c. 1300] For a synonym, see for the love of, def. 2.
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take pity on

Also, have pity on. Show compassion or mercy to, as in Take pity on the cook and eat that last piece of cake, or, as Miles Coverdale's 1535 translation of the Bible has it (Job 19:21), "Have pity upon me, have pity upon me, O ye, my friends." This idiom may be used half-jokingly, as in the first example, or seriously. [Late 1200s]
See also: on, pity, take

For Pete’s sake!

and For pity’s sake! and For the love of Mike!
exclam. Good grief! For Pete’s sake! Is that you Charlie? For pity’s sake! Ask the man in out of the cold!

For pity’s sake!

References in classic literature ?
We lived in a round of visits for some time after our return home, giving splendid dinner-parties, and making a sensation in our neighbourhood by the new lustre of our equipage, for my father had reserved this display of his increased wealth for the period of his son's marriage; and we gave our acquaintances liberal opportunity for remarking that it was a pity I made so poor a figure as an heir and a bridegroom.
Even the servants in our house gave her the balance of their regard and pity.
There was still pity in my soul for every living thing, and Bertha was living--was surrounded with possibilities of misery.
I know all their narrow thoughts, their feeble regard, their half-wearied pity.
It is out of pity that you do not turn away your eyes.
No,' said Miss Squeers, looking sideways at her parent, 'although I AM a queer bridesmaid, and SHAN'T be a bride in a hurry, and although my husband WILL be in luck, I entertain no sentiments towards you, sir, but sentiments of pity.
What a pity you never thought that other people might be as clever as yourself and spoil your plans
Even my pity shall never make me forget what's due to myself, Mr Browdie.
Pity us, lady--pity us for having only one feeling of the woman left, and for having that turned, by a heavy judgment, from a comfort and a pride, into a new means of violence and suffering.
It's a pity this country doesn't take a leaf out of America's rules, they wouldn't be so keen to go there, and it's mostly after committing crime after crime.
It is the story of three officers who can take no more, and a merciless nemesis that takes no chances, no prisoners and no pity.
A bit of chat might help, but no pity for sure, because they are totally closed to pity .
It's a pity they haven't got more useful things to do with their lives, instead of attacking badgers.
Pity it wasn't a choice made on moral grounds, or out of compassion for Evans' victim.
Regarding the elections organized by pro-Russian separatists in the two self-proclaimed republics in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, Sergeyev said "It's a pity that a party of the Minsk Agreement --the Russian side- encourages these elections contrary to the stands of the world leaders.