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And Bashti, his keen old ears pitched for the first untoward sound from on deck, had continually nodded his head and dipped his hand into the proffered basket--now for betel-nut, and lime-box, and the invariable green leaf with which to wrap the mouthful; now for tobacco with which to fill his short clay pipe; and, again, for matches with which to light the pipe which seemed not to draw well and which frequently went out.
In the course of the August game, Maddux not only pitched brilliantly, turned double plays, hit and squeezed in runs, but, for dessert, gave fans an assist to remember.
Watch any game that Bob Gibson ever pitched, and you'll see that landing in a fielding position was about the last thing on his list of priorities.
Moreover, he found a striking relationship between those forces and the orientation of a pitched ball's seams as the ball cuts through the air toward a batter.
Before crossing the plate on Opening Day in April 2000, this very same baseball will be pitched and caught by thousands of people as it travels on a three-month, 16-city California/Nevada road trip beginning in February.
That meant that Dunn (Antelope Valley High), who pitched a 6 2/3-innings two-hitter in Monday's 1-0 loss to tournament host Kalamazoo, was unavailable Tuesday.
The problem is that the freshmen had hardly pitched until the end of the season when, with the staff sharply decimated, they were suddenly called upon for extra duty in the regionals.
Lowe (9-7) pitched around Uggla's leadoff single in the fourth with three consecutive groundball outs, the first on a lunging play by second baseman Julio Lugo that took a hit away from Jacobs.
The hitter can learn the delay (after the stride) and hitting the ball where it is pitched, in batting practice.
Dan Haren pitched a complete game to win his eighth game of the year, and Jay Payton and former Dodger Milton Bradley each hit home runs for the A's, who extended their lead over the Angels in the AL West to 1 1/2 games.
11 Upon catching a pitched ball, hold it for a complete second to give the umpire a good look at the pitch and its location.
He pitched for the first time in eight months on Monday in a 3-1 victory over Inland Empire.
I pitched 15 innings against the Cincinnati Big Red Machine and just obliterated them