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Activating young voters may aim be a boon to older gay men and lesbians, says Adrienne Maree Brown, 25, program director for the League of Pissed Off Voters.
Early on, one fighter pilot told Wilson that "if you don't fly for two or three days on a ship, you start to get irritable, pissed off.
Bill still looks as pissed off at life as he ever did and still scared the bejesus out of me.
The difference between me going home happy, and what I am now, pissed off.
I keep my opinions to myself and I don't like to get people pissed off at me.
Las Vegas, where the high-rollers are pissed off about the invasion of the deadheads.
Selena Gomez certainly pissed off a few "Smilers" for her move on the "Getaway" red carpet premiere.
However, he is pissed off with the claims that it was a publicity stunt.
I just can't believe people would be that pissed off to find out that no one really gives a shit about them.
Now we know why Bob was so pissed off with his night's sleep at Bute House the day he turned the airwaves blue in Parliament.
All they can see is a cash-starved NHS with pissed off doctors and nurses who are, it has to be said, pissing off.
That's just what Sarah Schellhorn, 23, did after she got voted off, telling the video camera held by a contestant coordinator, ``I'm really pissed off.
Although Reno has been funny and pissed off since she was a little girl, the idea of pursuing a career in comedy evolved slowly.
If I was Ben Affleck, man I'd be pissed off," he added.