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mentioned by the Audit Bureau report on the PISS investments which amounted to
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There are extensive data in the literature on the prevalence of the two most common deficiency alleles, indicated by Pi phenotypes PiS and PiZ, in countries all over Europe (Blanco et al.
In addition, these new data indicate that there are marked racial and ethnic differences in the gene frequencies and prevalence of the PiS and PiZ alleles worldwide (de Serres 2002).
In addition, based on the new data on the deficiency allele frequencies and prevalence for PiS and PiZ worldwide (de Serres 2002), we can conclude that AAT deficiency is a not a rare disease but is a disease that has been rarely diagnosed.
The two most common variant or deficiency alleles are PiS and PiZ (Brantly 1996).
This technique provides a reliable detection of individuals carrying either the PiS or PiZ variant alleles.
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A recent Cabinet resolution stipulated formation of an impartial panel, grouping experts from the CBK, the PISS and the Ministry of Finance to ponder contents of the Audit Bureau report regarding the PISS for 2012-2013.
Sheikh Salem said he had advised the PISS to enforce a package of key supervisory rules, particularly related to governance, implementation of hazards' system, mechanisms to enhance internal supervision, urging it to hastily press ahead with such necessary reforms.
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