pique (one's) (emotion)

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pique (one's) (emotion)

To arouse a particular emotion in one. While the special effects looked impressive, it was the movie's approach to its female characters that piqued my interest. Nothing piques my ire like people who don't use their turn signals when they're driving! It's important to provide your children with experiences that pique their curiosity.
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pique someone's curiosity

 and pique someone's interest
to arouse interest; to arouse curiosity. The advertisement piqued my curiosity about the product. The professor tried to pique the students' interest in French literature.
See also: curiosity, pique

ˌpique somebody’s ˈinterest, curiˈosity, etc.

(especially American English) make somebody very interested in something: The programme has certainly piqued public interest in this rare bird.
See also: pique
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You never know, something in your off time may pique your interest for a possible career choice.
He provides just enough history and background about each ingredient to pique your interest, and then explains exactly how to employ the spice or herb in explicit measurements and combinations.
Until you get your HDTV and DVD player, some of those special effects are not going to match the film's big-screen visuals (``Dreams'' comes out on DVD in May, by the way), but it still offers enough of a taste to pique your interest.
When she finally does pique your interest in the film's later moments, you're too far gone to really care.
Or perhaps the story of the first gold discovery will pique your interest.