pique curiosity

pique someone's curiosity

 and pique someone's interest
to arouse interest; to arouse curiosity. The advertisement piqued my curiosity about the product. The professor tried to pique the students' interest in French literature.
See also: curiosity, pique
References in classic literature ?
It was an inscription well calculated to pique curiosity.
Almost any other man than Caleb Garth might have been tempted to linger on the spot for the sake of hearing all he could about a man whose acquaintance with Bulstrode seemed to imply passages in the banker's life so unlike anything that was known of him in Middlemarch that they must have the nature of a secret to pique curiosity.
IT'S the tourist trail guaranteed to pique curiosity about Birmingham.
The projects are designed to inspire creativity and pique curiosity.
I knew "beer cocktails" would be a foreign concept to some of our guests and team members, so I wanted to introduce them with familiar beer brands that would pique curiosity and encourage trial.
Parents, administrators, elected officials, and especially our students can more than appreciate the inquiry approach and honing questioning skills and reflection to pique curiosity.
Sharjah Summer Breaks from Dh99 is a startling promise to make in an advertisement (Gulf News today) and one that is guaranteed to pique curiosity from would-be summer breakers.
Items that might pique curiosity this year include guidelines from the Jewish texts for "green living;" the life of Jews in small-town New England; an exploration of Jewish communities in Latin America, and an examination of kosher food preparation, in the wake of accusations of illegal practices at some processing plants.
Give them enough information to pique curiosity, but not too much to drown them in detail.
To pique curiosity for the 2008 event, Koelnmesse has released an international trend book, a yearly production of international designers and a tool for architects, designers, manufacturers and retailers worldwide.
True or False: An animal passing your position and not offering a standing shot can often be stopped momentarily by producing a soft whistle to pique curiosity.
Nothing like a little controversy to pique curiosity.
The tasks being analyzed often do not pique curiosity or inventiveness.
Michael Dill, Managing Partner at Circle One Marketing, expressed his enthusiasm about Elephant's campaign: "We see this character as the cornerstone of Elephant's ongoing acquisition plans, with a memorable character that will pique curiosity and stick all the way through the decision-making process.