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in a pique

Fig. having a feeling of resentment; feeling that one's pride has been hurt. In a real pique, Anne insulted all of her friends. John's found himself in a pique over Bob's harsh criticism.
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pique someone's curiosity

 and pique someone's interest
to arouse interest; to arouse curiosity. The advertisement piqued my curiosity about the product. The professor tried to pique the students' interest in French literature.
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ˌpique somebody’s ˈinterest, curiˈosity, etc.

(especially American English) make somebody very interested in something: The programme has certainly piqued public interest in this rare bird.
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References in classic literature ?
Friendship requires that rare mean betwixt likeness and unlikeness that piques each with the presence of power and of consent in the other party.
I was the truest wife that ever lived, though I married my husband out of pique, because somebody else--but never mind that.
In point of fact,' the former resumes, after some silent dipping among his fragments of walnut with an air of pique, 'I see it whenever I go to see Pussy.
In an instant Raffles had seized the clubs, and was whirling them about his gray head in a mixture of childish pique and puerile bravado which I should have thought him altogether above.
He boasted of his rise, he bragged of his riches, and he blackguarded society for taking him up for his money and dropping him out of sheer pique and jealousy because he had so much.
It is an essential part of every national character to pique itself mightily upon its faults, and to deduce tokens of its virtue or its wisdom from their very exaggeration.
I am compelled to keep a business engagement, and so I shall not be in your way," he added with an air of some pique and he began getting up.
BARCELONA defender Gerard Pique has named John Stones in his world football dream team.
BARCELONA defender Gerard Pique has named John Stones in his world football dream team - and has hailed the Blues man as part of the "new generation" of ball-playing defenders.
GERARD PIQUE says he will not apologise for the remarks that led to Spain fans booing him, but he remains 100 per cent committed to representing his country.
WILLIE COLLUM sparked fourletter fury from Barcelona superstar Gerard Pique after another night of controversy.
Gerard Pique believes Barcelona have the edge heading into El Clasico - because they boast the deadliest strikeforce in the world.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Gerard Pique could be about to make a sensational u15 million return to Manchester United, according to reports.
Messi's 21st Liga treble, which took him to within two of Cristiano Ronaldo's record of 23 set on Saturday, a Gerard Pique header and neat finish from Pedro, was enough to see Barca take the spoils and leapfrog Atletico Madrid in second place with 34 points.
Should Barcelona defender Gerard Pique decide to leave the Catalan giants, several football clubs have already expressed their interests in signing the 27-year-old Spanish footballer.