pip (someone) at the post

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pip (someone) at the post

To defeat or succeed over someone by a very narrow margin or at the final, crucial moment, especially in a race, competition, or athletic event. Primarily heard in UK, Australia, Ireland. The favoured runner held the lead for the majority of the race, but a relatively unknown competitor pipped him at the post in the final 100 metres. It appears the young candidate is set to pip his competitor at the post for his seat in parliament, which would make him the youngest candidate from this constituency to do so in nearly 60 years.
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pip someone at the post


pip someone to the post

If you pip someone at the post or pip them to the post, you just beat them in a competition or race to achieve something. Note: The following expressions refer to the finishing post in a horse race. She applied for a job at the university, but she got pipped at the post by a man with more publications to his name. He was pipped at the post for BAFTA's best Actor award by Robert Downey Jr.
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pip someone at (or to) the post

defeat someone at the last moment.
Pip was an informal late 19th-century term for ‘defeat’, but it is uncertain from which sense of the noun pip it derives. Post here is the winning post in a race.
See also: pip, post, someone
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Take nothing away from Castleford, they pipped us at the post, but hopefully we can come up with a similar performance and a different result this time.
Aberdeen have pipped us at the post in the last two years and it has been annoying.
We were just a bit unlucky they pipped us at the post.
Potter said: 'If you look at the position we were in at this stage last year we were nine points clear before Caley Thistle went on a run and pipped us at the post.
The rumours had got to many - that the favourites Newcastle/Gateshead had pipped us at the post.
Our away form is perhaps better than our form at Brandon at present, and we are still smarting from losing the first fixture at Foxhall when Ipswich pipped us at the post.