pipe into some place

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pipe something into some place

 and pipe something in 
1. Lit. to conduct a liquid or a gas into some place through a pipe. An excellent delivery system piped oxygen into every hospital room. They piped in oxygen to every room. They piped it in.
2. Fig. to bring music or other sound into a place over wires. They piped music into the stairways and elevators. The elevators were nice except that the management had piped in music.
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References in classic literature ?
He was composed enough to remember that he had not put his pipe in its case--composed enough to set that little matter right before other matters went any farther.
I am sure, on the other hand, that he was acutely miserable; and he betrayed his sufferings by a perfectly silly and undignified access of temper, during which he broke his pipe in several pieces, threw his brandy and water in the fire, and employed words which were very plain although the drift of them was somewhat vague.
He had been out walking with his owner last night when he bolted into a disused pipe in Bowes Incline Road, Eighton Banks, Gateshead.
Fabrication of the pipe in pipe system (to connect the Braemar well to the East Brae platform) will be undertaken at Technip-Coflexip's Evanton spoolbase in Scotland.
For the first runs of both four-inch and eight-inch pipe, we did pre ream, but we've found that it isn't necessary, so we enlarge the pilot hole and pull in pipe in one step.
Talisman currently has over 60 mmcf/d of sales gas behind pipe in the Canadian foothills.
In the highly competitive utility industry you can't compete if you can't cut the cost of installing pipe in the ground.
The BP Rhum project is an engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning (EPIC) contract that involves the tie-back of new wells to an FPSO, including the installation of four steel tubed umbilicals, three infield 14"/8" Pipe in Pipe pipelines with a 2" piggy back pipeline and a 180T manifold.