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little pinkie

One's pinky finger, the smallest finger on one's hand. My grandmother always wore a huge ruby on her little pinkie. The poor thing slammed the car door on his little pinkie.
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pinkie (finger)

The fifth finger on one's hand, opposite the thumb. I caught my pinkie in the car door—I think it might be broken! She wears a ring on her pinkie finger that reminds her of her mother.
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(little) pinkie

and (little) pinky
n. the littlest finger on either hand. Ouch! I smashed my pinky.
See also: little, pinkie


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The junior match fished in conjunction was another win for Kane Chivers, who caught 4lb 8oz of roach on pole and pinkies.
Pinkies salon is in West View, Lemington, Newcastle.
Pinkie Swear Nail Blush in Creamsicle, $8, pinkieswear.