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Others, known as bush tomatoes, do not need pinching out or side-shooting.
The traditional advice to scrape, never pinch, is based on the belief that pinching the sting apparatus would squeeze more venom into the wound, so the team first confirmed the long-suspected relationship between the amount of venom injected under the skin and the size of the welt.
Visscher says, "You don't drive venom past the pump by pinching it.
Next, they pinched their fingers and thumb together in the air as practice before pinching the clay.
Next, the top of the cupcake was gently closed by pinching the excess clay at the top together, without pressing down.
The new decision, by a panel of judges sitting in Rome, means pinching is now classed as sexual assault.
The ruling is a U-turn on a decision in January 2001 which said pinching was not a crime.
The students rounded their pieces of low-fire gray clay into a ball, inserting their thumbs and carefully pinching the clay wall evenly with their fingers as they slowly rotated their clay.
The sentiment is derived from the long-time tradition of pinching those who aren't wearing green on St.
Paddy's Day - pinching someone is liable to get you sued - but not in my household.
A Canadian convicted of pinching a woman's behind says the U.
However, in this case the physician chose a course of action that is not acceptable under current standards of medicine: using his hand to occlude the infant's airway by pinching the nose and covering the mouth, with the result that the infant's circulation and respiration stopped.
Place on a large baking sheet above body; flatten slightly, pinching to attach.