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I must have pinched up a piece of loose skin and have transfixed it, for there are two little red points like pin-pricks, and on the band of her nightdress was a drop of blood.
Or perhaps she was just an old rogue who was in the habit of sending out pinched and hungry boys to deceive the public?
Then the peasant pinched the raven's head, so that he croaked and made a noise like krr, krr.
At last the peasant pinched the raven once more till he croaked, and said: 'Fourthly, he says that there are some cakes under the bed.
Then the peasant once more pinched the raven's head till he croaked loudly.
The shoe not only pinched our party, but it pinched hard; a principal sufferer discovered that the imperial order was inclosed in an envelop bearing the seal of the British Embassy at Constantinople, and therefore must have been inspired by the representative of the Queen.
Do you know, my arm must be black and blue from the elbow up, for I've pinched myself so many times today.
While I ground, and pinched, and used these needy borrowers for my pleasure and profit, what smooth-tongued speeches, and courteous looks, and civil letters, they would have given me
He was in the middle of Switzerland, but packed up with eight other passengers in the inside of an eternally-creaking diligence; his head ached till it almost split, his weary neck could hardly bear the heavy load, and his feet, pinched by his torturing boots, were terribly swollen.
Households in which people are retired or not in work account for around one third of the housing pinched, leaving around one million households where people are in work but are still spending over half their cash on housing costs.
Small sections of skin are pinched up at the donor site and cut using scissors or a scalpel.
More Patients Can Alleviate Pinched Nerve Pain With Effective Treatments
London, June 23 ( ANI ): Mario Balotelli's former girlfriend Holly Henderson has revealed that the Man City ace used to hate it when she tickled and pinched him.
A DISPLACED cervical vertebra can lead to a pinched nerve, and you may end up with a neck ache.
For an added beautifying effect, the top of the feathers can be pinched between the thumb and forefinger, creating a rounded, separating edge, if wedges haven't been cut.