pinch-hit for

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pinch-hit for someone

1. Fig. to bat for someone else in a baseball game. Wally Wilson will pinch-hit for Gary Franklin. Rodney Jones is pinch-hitting for Babe DiMaggio.
2. Fig. to substitute for someone in any situation. Bart will pinch-hit for Fred, who is at another meeting today. Who will pinch-hit for me while I am on vacation?
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In his past 28 pinch-hitting appearances, he is 10 for 22 with three doubles, a home run, five RBIs and six walks.
I'm getting into a more balanced position and I quite like the pinch-hitting role anyway.
But Kendry Morales, pinch-hitting for Robb Quinlan, struck out.
He got ahead of Barry Bonds, who was pinch-hitting after sitting out the first eight innings with back stiffness.
Hee-Seop Choi, whom DePodesta acquired from Florida to be the Dodgers' power-hitting first baseman of the future, is maddeningly inconsistent and has been largely relegated to a pinch-hitting role.
He anticipated it being day-to-day, but Erstad did not take batting practice and was available only for pinch-hitting duty.
Choi's first career home run in a pinch-hitting role - and his first home run of any kind in almost two months - ultimately proved the difference in the Dodgers' 5-4 victory over the Washington Nationals in front of 36,277 at rotting RFK Stadium.
Tracy had been encouraged by Robles' recent at-bats in pinch-hitting situations, particularly the past two, in which Robles led off innings with singles.