pin back

pin something back

to hold something back by pinning. I will pin the curtains back to let a little more light in. Jane pinned back the curtains.
See also: back, pin
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Roll the firing pin back and forth on the flat to expose 360 degrees of the pin surface while tapping it repeatedly with the hammer.
Contractor will be providing promotional items which may include, but are not limited to the following: Screen printed and/or embroidered T- shirts, hats, and other items; Writing instruments such as pens and pencils; Lapel pins and pin back badges; Tote bags; Banners and signs; Cups and mugs; Stickers, decals and tattoos; Notepads, binders or sticky notes for promotional use; Any tangible promotional item that can be imprinted with the college name, logos or marks; Awards and plaques, engraved.
The slide is moving so fast at firing the barrel is just barely starting to move down to unlock before the firing pin spring can jerk the tip of the pin back completely.
His plea for free Botox for life and surgery to pin back his ears would be laughable were this not a serious matter.
I was the first black cab driver in London to accept chip and pin back in 2004 and I will be the first to trial only accepting payment by Barclays Pingit," said Mr Cable.
Another single pin back was Abdulredha Haqiqi, also of Maintenance, who occupied third position.
London, Aug 12 (ANI): Soccer star Jermaine Pennant might have denied reports of undergoing a surgery to pin back his stretched-out ears, but now it has emerged that he actually resorted to a three-hour plastic surgery to fix them in proper place.
Doormen were forced to pin back Lee James Foster when he lost control on December 21, the day notoriously known as "Black Friday" among the emergency services.
Plus there are countless tales of glue being used for tummy tucks and to pin back ears.
With the rig under so much tension, there is no way of banging the pin back in place.
Ducat, a 56-year-old civil engineer who has staged attention-grabbing stunts in the past, put the pin back in a grenade, handed it to provincial governor, Luis Sing-son, and surrendered as Mr Singson held his arm.
For a more 60s finish pin back hair at the crown by taking sections from the side and pin back.
In addition, PSV could pin back Milan's full-backs, most significantly the usually adventurous Cafu.