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019-inch diameter pin that you can set for longer distances.
08-mm pin movement) can avoid the need for costly solenoids and sequential timers.
These facts should go some way to helping customers understand why the retail and banking industries have been working together for the past two years to rollout chip and PIN and to make life tough for card fraudsters.
This result was anticipated for the knurled pin; however, the standard grooved pin was expected to demonstrate more resilience than it did.
The pin housing offers a full 2-inch field of view and can be fitted with magnification lenses of 2X, 4X, or 6X.
For two weeks, the residents lovingly added their special touches to the pins.
In its natural state pin oak is found growing with red maple, green ash, box elder, sweet gum, and elm.
Other events in the series include "The Big Pin Game" at Disney's Wide World of Sports complex (June 1) and "Mickey's Star Spangled Pin Event" at Disney's Contemporary Resort (June 29).
The typical pin extruder, therefore, has a screw with a mixing area in the feed zone, and is otherwise of a relatively simple design.
Ultrasonic inspection is one of the most reliable methods used to inspect hanger pins, and it has become the primary method of performing a detailed inspection of an in-service hanger pin.
I need to know the pin definition and what the difference is between 80-pin and 68-pin.
We describe the case of a woman who presented with an open safety pin lodged in her left nostril.
Even without severe conditions, lack of lubrication leads to galling of the pins, perhaps not only destroying the pin, but also damaging the die.
Men with high grade PIN are at the highest risk for developing prostate cancer with approximately 50% developing prostate cancer within three years of diagnosis and 80% within eight years.