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n. a man who solicits business for a prostitute. (Use caution with pimp and the topic.) The guy with the diamond rings looks like a pimp.

pimp steak

n. a hot dog; a wiener. (see also tube steak.) Oh, no! Not pimp steak again tonight.
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popcorn pimp

n. a pimp who runs a small operation. (Streets. Popcorn here means small; as in popcorn shrimp.) Reggie is nothing but a popcorn pimp. He’ll never amount to much.
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Since their launch, Pimped Truck have been enjoying great success on eBay, which goes to show how popular and essential good quality truck tables are to lorry drivers everywhere.
Pimped Truck will be among the exhibitors showing off their wares at the event, with the chance to talk to experts about truck tables and pick them up for your truck at highly competitive prices.
Players pick the mods, hooking up everything from tires and rims to bumpin' subwoofers and flat panel TVs to transform the worst broken down beaters into pimped out masterpieces.
After replacing the wheels, applying a fresh coat of Ferrari red paint, overhauling the interior, and installing a pumping stereo, Philadelphia's first pimped ride is ready to roll and will be returned to its lucky owner this afternoon.