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n. a man who solicits business for a prostitute. (Use caution with pimp and the topic.) The guy with the diamond rings looks like a pimp.

pimp steak

n. a hot dog; a wiener. (see also tube steak.) Oh, no! Not pimp steak again tonight.
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popcorn pimp

n. a pimp who runs a small operation. (Streets. Popcorn here means small; as in popcorn shrimp.) Reggie is nothing but a popcorn pimp. He’ll never amount to much.
See also: pimp, popcorn
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Charges of trafficking in person were filed against the pimp while the minors were turned over to the Department of Social Welfare and Development.
The pimp murdered the 19-year-old before he called up the quartet, according to the accusation sheet, and asked them to help him dispose of the body.
Pimp My Gadget is the popular mobile phone, tablet and gadget repair shop in Brisbane.
The 47-year-old, who is now an up-and-coming actress, said: "I have heard from girls I know who are still in the industry that branding is becoming an extremely popular practice among pimps, especially by those from Russia and Poland.
They describe trafficking rings that operate along the Interstate 5 corridor and ensnare runaways from cities such as Seattle, Portland and Eugene, where large populations of homeless youths draw pimps and others eager to exploit children.
In one case, an Uzbek woman pimp got one of her popular girls married to an Indian to enable her to get a multiple entry visa
The number was denounced as a pimp taunt in recent years in the western province of Herat and people became sensitive about the number in their day-to-day life.
episode of this sidesplitting, The second played-straight "dog"umentary saw more hilarious canine Sky 1, Wednesday a jive-talking voice-overs, including law pimp and a camp German with bad wind.
Bust of psychiatric hospital: Pimp and ha visit a psychiatric facility posing as a schizophrenic pimp and a bipolar ha.
Pimp it fast with patches of dry skin from Chris Matthews
Royd Tolkien, of Flintshire, plays himself in the film Pimp, starring Danny Dyer.
At the outset, this work was conceived as a study of "the pimp as entrepreneur.
Police said yesterday he had been arrested, together with a Hungarian man, believed to be the sex worker's boyfriend and pimp.
Decameron and the Philosophy of Storytelling: Author as Midwife and Pimp.