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pillow talk

conversations that people who are in love have when they are in bed together She enjoyed most the quiet time they spent together after they had made love, the pillow talk, the shared embraces.
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mod. pregnant. (Refers to the swelling in a pregnant woman’s abdomen.) She does look a bit pillowed, doesn’t she?
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The decolletage of Shak's red Valentino shift echoed her scarlet Louboutins, which are cut so low at the front that the pillowy folds of her toes peek out.
Julian favored the pillowy glades for the climb to their cabin, while Marty had studied the satellite photos and was all for striking northeast across a sharp ridge where there would be a couple of decent chutes and a jagged forest run.
Bi-fold French doors are angled to create two sequestered, pillowy spots for times when the children are in a quiet mood.
LANA DEL REY - BORN TO DIE YOU may not be aware of Lana Del Rey yet, but her sultry vocals, luscious locks and pillowy lips are set to make a mark in 2012.
Part of Mailer's oeuvre is paintings on ceramics, including a tiny gem of a landscape on a pillowy shape.
Imagine gathering pollen from the pillowy nooks and burrowing out of the fig, carrying pollen with you in order to fertilize another.
Languid rock arches and other curious formations help create a dreamy, fantastical cove that, like Gerakas, has a narrow, pillowy strip of beach with opportunities for shade.
Also on our plates that evening were a delightful fresh salad of walnuts, thinly sliced fragrant pear and arugula ($6) and a half-portion main dish of seared sea scallops ($13/$24), which posed two gorgeous and done-to-a-turn scallops aboard two big pillowy ravioli stuffed with rich butternut squash, the whole set off sublimely by more of the sage brown butter that graced the gnocchi.
For dispensaries, it's a matter of "bag appeal": just as hothouse tomatoes have a pillowy, unweathered look, indoor pot tends to have a sheen that outdoor lacks.
We moisturized our skin with the carrageenan released from a brown algae with pillowy pouches and nibbled rubbery elkhorn kelp.
Her nose appeared to have been altered to a thin line, her cheekbones accentuated and her famously pillowy lips touched up.
The heavens were draped with nothing more than the pillowy effervescence of grime--beautiful.
A brief hike would traverse a cranberry bog pocked by moose tracks; an open field where permafrost was bedrock to pillowy spaghnum moss; then an upland meadow; and finally a steep sandhill, the twisted roots of willows grasping for purchase.
A part of her saw him this way even now, but those clouds--those fat, pillowy squares--were beautiful in their own way.
Bratz dolls have large heads and skinny bodies; their almond-shaped eyes are tilted upward at the edges and adorned with thick crescents of eye-shadow, and their lips are lush and pillowy, glossed to a candy-apple sheen and rimmed with dark lip liner.