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If any girl had rebelled, she would no longer have taken her rebellion to heart; she possessed a source of comfort they could not drain, a pillar of support they could not overthrow: formerly, when insulted, she wept; now, she smiled.
Norway's continued flexible contributions are a vital financial pillar of support for UNEP initiatives to promote a healthy planet for all peoples.
A FORMER Middle East hostage who became a key pillar of support to Ken Bigley's family has paid a heartfelt tribute to his mum, Lil.
The company has been a pillar of support since day one and we value EGA's contribution in making this tournament one of the most sought-after events on the Ladies European Tour," said Bu Amim.
The senior Iraqi lawmaker, for his part, described the two countries' relations as brotherly, and said, "The Islamic Republic of Iran is an important country in the region and it is considered a reliable pillar of support for the Iraqi government and nation in their war against the terrorist groups.
It is a pillar of support that Juan Ramon Nunez, a young Argentinian entrepreneur who runs his own community radio station and sound and lighting business, can appreciate.
Shaikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE Foreign Minister, reiterated the country's support for Egypt, calling the nation a pillar of support for Arab countries.
Bachchan, who has always said Chopra was a pillar of support for him during difficult times, talked of their bonding and how he addressed Chopra as his " elder brother".
She has been a pillar of support and without the staunch support of dedicated volunteers like herself to keep groups like ours alive and kicking, they would flounder and disappear.
The right-handed batsman added that Misbah has been an inspiration to the likes of himself and other Pakistani cricketers and he has been a pillar of support for them all, Pak Passion reported.
Rebels launched their offensive on Friday in Latakia province, which is the ancestral home of the Assad family and a stronghold of his minority Alawite sect, the Shiite offshoot community that is a main pillar of support for his rule.
How Mike will get out of the situation is still a mystery, but the official plot synopsis of the upcoming episode indicate that Harvey will be a pillar of support when things from Mike's past threaten to ruin his future.
He was always a strong pillar of support to the mission in its endeavour to create opportunities for lndian business in Qatar.
Ably aided by the Premier, whose rich experience has been a strong pillar of support under all turbulent circumstances, and effectively assisted by the cool, calm and confident son and the Crown Prince, the King has been a hallmark of supreme service and established himself as a crusader and saviour of secularism, democracy and diverse personality of equanimity in ensuring freedoms not only to the loyal citizens and expats living in the country but also to those who have tried to harm the nation under the guise of religion, reforms and representation.
First and foremost, we want to be a pillar of support for the families tomorrow, to show support for what they have been through, and what they have had to endure in their fight over 23 terrible years.