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Of the two pills in that box one was of the most deadly poison, and the other was entirely harmless.
Seems to me the pills are a good thing," said Omby Amby, who remembered how it used to make his head ache as a boy to study arithmetic.
Then the pills are of no use to us," wailed the Pumpkinhead; "and this fact overwhelms me with grief.
If we could use the pills at all we would make far better wishes than that.
He had been made to accept Saunders McNitre, Luke Waters, Giles Jowls, Podgers' Pills, Rodgers' Pills, Pokey's Elixir, every one of her Ladyship's remedies spiritual or temporal.
The casket passed around the table, but it was more to examine the admirable emerald than to see the pills that it passed from hand to hand.
I am a tolerable chemist, and prepare my pills myself.
The band is writing, recording, and, echoing Clark, "making new sounds," meaning that Beauty Pill is expanding outside the realm of "after work and on the weekends," and into the "full on from here" title that Beauty Pill and their music fully deserve.
Suspecting that Geobacter's pill might be responsible, Derek Lovley of the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and his colleagues shaved some off of the bacteria.
The unproven contention of the anti-Pill folks is that, in addition to suppressing ovulation, the Pill occasionally Ruth Conniff is the political editor of The Progressive.
He hired a New Jersey company, Garden State Nutritionals, to formulate a sex pill he could sell to men.
The birth control pill is arguably the most well-known "pill" in the English vernacular.
Similar percentages of women aged 15-24 years reported missing one pill (12%) compared with women aged 25-44 years (17%).
If you're a non-smoker, it's absolutely fine to take the pill for as long as you need it, provided it isn't causing any problems, and your weight, age and blood pressure aren't posing an unacceptable risk.