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Soon after the pileup, many health and fire brigade teams were dispatch to the scene and injured were taken to the nearby hospitals.
Cleveland's downtown Shoreway was closed in both directions after a 15 -car collision on one side and a 20 -car pileup on the other late in the afternoon, making the roadway impassable, Reuters reported.
His car was then hit from behind by another patrol car, leading to a pileup of five cars, the police said.
At least seven people died and 15 others were injured Tuesday in a major vehicle pileup on a main route in northeastern Thailand, police said.
ISTANBUL, Muharram 8, 1433, Dec 3, 2011, SPA - A state-run Turkish news agency says an 80-vehicle pileup on a highway near Istanbul has left one person dead and 29 injured.
Four people died and at least 10 others were injured in Nagano Prefecture on Thursday in a pileup involving 21 vehicles, mostly trucks, on the Chuo Expressway that was slippery due to rain, police and firefighters said.
WOODLAND HILLS - Eight motorists were hurt early Friday in a nine-car pileup that closed the westbound Ventura (101) Freeway and backed up rush-hour traffic for miles.
There's no danger of a pileup, she adds, because each oval vortex is separated by material that rotates in the opposite direction and keeps the storms apart.
BEIJING, Ramadan 6, 1432, Aug 6, 2011, SPA - China's state news agency says a pre-dawn pileup on a southern Chinese expressway has killed 17 people and injured four.
The pileup also involved a passenger car, a minicar and two buses.
The Pennsylvania resident and mother of three spent six weeks at Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital earlier this year following a pileup on the Golden State Freeway near Castaic that involved half a dozen semi trucks and the Oberholtzers' recreational vehicle.
Summary: Wuhan, June 20, 2010, SPA -- Five people have been confirmed dead in a massive pileup involving seven vehicles in central China&'s Hubei Province Saturday, local traffic police said.
Seven Brazilian men in a minivan were killed and three Japanese people in two other vehicles slightly injured in a seven-vehicle pileup on the Meishin Expressway in Hikone, Shiga Prefecture, early Sunday morning, police said.
The pileup, which involved a big rig truck, occurred at 10:13 a.
Also Friday, a woman killed Thursday in a five-vehicle pileup on Highway 126 was identified as 89-year-old Angie Ornelas of Santa Paula.