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A person's second home, usually located in a large city. The actor's primary residence was in California, but he had a pied-à-terre in New York City too.

a pied-à-terre

a small apartment or house in a city which belongs to someone whose main home is somewhere else and which they have so that they can visit the city whenever they want He has a pied-à-terre in Mayfair and a five-bedroom house in Dorset.
References in classic literature ?
I get thinking sometimes if the Pied Piper is really dead, or if he may not still be roaming up and down our streets and lanes, but playing now so softly that only the children hear him.
It was at the dawn of day in the merry Maytime, when hedgerows are green and flowers bedeck the meadows; daisies pied and yellow cuckoo buds and fair primroses all along the briery hedges; when apple buds blossom and sweet birds sing, the lark at dawn of day, the throstle cock and cuckoo; when lads and lasses look upon each other with sweet thoughts; when busy housewives spread their linen to bleach upon the bright green grass.
The bird-trap was quite empty, as he had caught nothing, and he had to kill a pied Partridge, which he had tamed for a decoy.
Now, young man, what manner of a bird would you suppose a pied merlin to be--that being the proper sign of my hostel?
he said to her and me, one idle afternoon of opal skies, pied meadows and misty hills.
Heron has described how one pied peacock was eminently attractive to all his hen birds.