piece together

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piece (something) together

1. Literally, to fit the pieces of something together into a whole. She got some super glue and pieced the broken lamp back together.
2. To make sense of something by analyzing multiple pieces of information and drawing a conclusion based on what they collectively indicate. Federal investigators are experts at piecing evidence together to track down criminals. At first I was confused by all the strange ways Janet was behaving, but then I pieced it together and realized what she's been up to.
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piece something together

to fit something together; to assemble the pieces of something, such as a puzzle or something puzzling, and make sense of it. The police were unable to piece the story together. The detective tried to piece together the events leading up to the crime.
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piece together

Join or combine parts into a whole, as in With information from several observers, she pieced together an account of what had actually taken place . [Late 1500s]
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piece together

To join or unite the pieces of something: We pieced the broken vase together. The detective pieced together the sequence of events leading up to the accident by interviewing witnesses.
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The guests will be able to enjoy their meal and at the same time are encouraged to interrogate any suspects and piece together evidence to try to bring the culprits to light.
Some mummified birch leaves are haunting scientists who are trying to piece together the history of carbon dioxide.
If we can piece together the right Y2K partners, we could make an immediate penetration into the real estate market leveraging off of DMN's sales efforts.
So he writes down what he learns on scraps of paper or as tattoos on his body as he tries to piece together who is responsible for his wife's murder.
Doctors fire X rays into a patient, collect them as they emerge, and then use computers to piece together information on the health of internal organs.
Eventually, Hilly and her parents are able to piece together the true family history and they make contact with a relative they never knew existed--the sister who played the piano in Germany so long ago, a survivor of the concentration camps who now lives in Israel.
As the viewer takes in the many detailed objects, the mind begins to piece together a picture of the typical Santa Paula home a century ago.
The more pinholes you have, the better you can piece together the whole picture," Chave says.
We are at the point where it's important for us to identify the victim because that will allow us to track backwards and piece together the crime,'' Schmalhofer said.
To piece together a picture of the way people lived in the past, archaeologists and anthropologists have to do just that-pull together remains and artifacts that have been scattered by animals and the elements.
can watch volunteers clean and piece together fossils in the glassed-in lab; the museum is open from 9:30 a.
Like a detective who searches the scene long after a car crash, Kinney had to try to piece together what had happened to Quinlan after that fateful April day some 13 years before.
The narration is disjointed, especially at the beginning, as chapters are narrated by different characters and the reader has to piece together the plot.
Meanwhile federal and local investigators finished clearing the site of unexploded fireworks Thursday as they piece together the explosion.
Yet when joined, the two methods can yield enough information to piece together a reasonably detailed picture of just a few atoms in a specific region of a crystal.