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piddle around

Fig. to waste time doing little or nothing. Stop piddling around and get busy. I'm not piddling around. I am experimenting.
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piddle something away

Fig. to waste away money or a period of time. Please don't piddle all your money away. Jane piddled away most of the day.
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1. in. to urinate. (Said of children and pets.) Please, Jimmy, don’t piddle on the floor.
2. n. urine. Don’t step in the puppy’s piddle.
3. Go to piddle (around).

piddle (around)

in. to waste time; to work aimlessly or inefficiently. Can’t you get serious and stop piddling?
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Third member of staff summons waiting room nurse whose job it is to clean piddle.
Families still remain on the Wyre Piddle site pending a planning application.
Last night he said: "People think I'm mad, but when they see my Piddle Pedal in action they say it's a great idea.
The council recently won an appeal mounted by gipsies over denied planning permission for a ten-plot encampment in Wyre Piddle, but the planning inspector granted them permission to apply again, which Mr Hegarty said they were expecting any day.
Birch, of Wyre Piddle, Worcs, admitted deception at Gloucester Crown Court.
Travellers set up a similar site last September in Wyre Piddle, Worcestershire, again without permission.
This book is a browser's delight and the answer to all those things that have bothered you for years, like how did Wyre Piddle get its name?
Adnams, Banks' (based in Wolverhampton, with 1,119 pubs virtually all serving traditional ales), Mordue, Fuller's (who produce London Pride), Moorland, Wyre Piddle, Moorhouse's, Burtonwood, Greene King, Jennings, Felinfoel, Belhaven.
When the very first overseas take over occured at Fulham in 1997, Mohamed Fayed sacked Adams as manager even though he had won the club promotion, without a pot to piddle in, just months earlier.
These travellers have descended on Eckington, Evesham, Wyre Piddle, Upton Warren, etc, constructing camps with no care or consideration for the planning laws of this country and they have systematically destroyed 15 ft mature hedges in Eckington.
Fret no more - simply strap your misfiring feline into Joybies Piddle Pants.
They could be drinking cat's piddle and it would still taste of ice.
Lick her plate clean, drink out of the toilet bowl and piddle up her leg.
The council is already dealing with another group of travellers occupying land a few miles away in Wyre Piddle.
Wyre Piddle Filling Station, in the tiny Worcestershire village of Wyre Piddle, near Pershore, defied all the odds by keeping petrol flowing last week.