picture as

picture (one) as (something)

1. To imagine that one is or might be a certain type of person or thing. I always pictured you as a lawyer when you got older. I lived next to them my whole life—I can't picture them as killers!
2. To create an image in one's mind of one being or looking a certain way. I can't help but laugh picturing my brother the hippie as some straight-laced police officer. Growing up, whenever my mom talked about my cousin being in the Navy Seals, I always pictured him as a literal seal wearing a military uniform.
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picture someone as someone or something

to imagine someone as someone or a type of person; to form a mental picture of someone as someone or a type of person. Just picture me as Santa Claus! I can't picture you as a doctor.
See also: picture
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It's fluid and, in the end, it's of necessity more involved with the picture as an object than it is with the subject.
Woodward will help to quickly position Live Picture as the industry standard in network imaging technology and substantially grow the company's revenues.