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pick (someone's)

To explore another's ideas through questioning.
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One of the others commenced to ply his pick to the ground.
I bet I could go to that Klondike place and pick up enough gold to buy back the Tarwater lands.
Then I could pick up three hundred thousand, and then some, if I was only there," the old man retorted placidly.
When this work was accomplished, the miners resumed their picks and cut away the rock from underneath the wheel itself, taking care to support it as they advanced upon blocks of great thickness.
who didst not refuse to the swart convict, Bunyan, the pale, poetic pearl; Thou who didst clothe with doubly hammered leaves of finest gold, the stumped and paupered arm of old Cervantes; Thou who didst pick up Andrew Jackson from the pebbles; who didst hurl him upon a war-horse; who didst thunder him higher than a throne
They were too much absorbed in hating themselves -- hating the ill luck that made them take the spade and the pick there.
The women worked busily, they had been pickers from childhood, and they could pick twice as fast as foreigners from London.
He will sprout very soon," said the Prince, "and grow into a large bush, from which we shall in time be able to pick several very good sorcerers.
One of the Laws of Oz forbids anyone to pick a six-leaved clover.
It's the oddest thing in the world too, that old Cis should have written me to pick up all the news I could about Scarlett Trent and send it to you.
A FARMER placed nets on his newly-sown plowlands and caught a number of Cranes, which came to pick up his seed.
He was to bring his boat round on a certain night to an old wharf which was never guarded, and there he was to pick me up.
There's a circulating library at the Glen store--but I don't think the committee who pick the books for Mr.
Saxon could not see the cause of all this, but she could guess when she saw the larger boys rush to the gutter, pick up stones, and sneak into the alleys between the houses.